Services Offered

Based on a report recently established by the Canadian government there is a shortage of nurses in Canada and as such there is a great demand for qualified nurses and other professions that can satisfy the current shortage. The Minister of Immigration has compiled a list of professions that are subject to expedited program; among those the Ministry is authorized to expedite applications for qualified nurses. Subject to change, this new policy has been adopted on interim basis. Qualified nurses who wish to immigrate to Canada are urged to contact our immigration representatives for further information. You can also visit our sister company at

CPNIS offer services on all aspect of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship on Federal and Provincial level.

    A. Temporary Entry

      i. Working Visa, known as work permit

      ii. Student Visa, known as study permit

      iii. Visitor visa, known as Tourist Visa or temporary resident visa

    B. Permanent Residency Visa

      i. Family class sponsorship:

          Sponsorship of the family member who are living abroad
          Outside Canada or are in visitor Visa in Canada

      ii. Skilled worker (Professionals)

          Applicants under this category comprised professional people who possess the ability of becoming economically established in Canada. To qualify as skilled worker, you have to meet the required points based on 10 different factors.

      iii. Business class

          This category applies to those who wish to obtain permanent residency in Canada under one of the following classification:

          • Investors: applicants must have the business or management experience and minimum family net worth (asset) of $1,600,000.00 CAD and must be able to invest in a government funded project at least $800,000 which the return of the investment is fully guaranteed by participating provinces or territories

          • Entrepreneur: applicant must have business experience and minimum net worth (asset) of $350,000.00 willing to start a business in Canada within 2 years after arrival.

          • Self-employed: applicants must have ability to establish a business and/or create employment opportunity for him/herself by making a significant contribution to the athletic or cultural activities in Canada, buying and managing a farm is also a good opportunity and is encouraged in this category.

      iv. Humanitarian and Compassionate class

        We help people who lost their permanent residency status and wish to submit a reasonable claim and present their case in most professional and ethical manner.

        • Refugee class: We provide people with proper documentation and presentation of their cases.

        • Citizenship application: CPNIS provides a straight-forward professional approach to prospective immigrants. Our Service does not end upon receipt of your visa. Our large team of dedicated staff is committed to your success. We believe that your success is our success too!

        • Provincial Nominee class: Since different provinces of Canada have different rules and regulations we have designated 2 teams specialized in Provincial Nominee Immigration Categories, which practice PNP.

We provide thorough assistance and cater to individual requirements from our free initial consultation and assessment to our client's successful settlement and will assist settlement of your business establishment in Canada.


We understand our client's concerns and so we share with them even the smallest development of their application by advising them accurately on the status of their application. We represent them in a professional and ethical manner in order to achieve mutually beneficial results. CPNIS is only a touch away from you. Send us an email or call us and we will be more than happy to help you.